Battery Facts & Myths

Mr. Battery in Dallas, TX would like to share battery facts and myths so you can better understand your vehicle’s battery.

  • Car batteries are the most recycled products in the United States. They have a 98-99% recycling rate.
  • The first battery was invented in the year 1800 by Alessandro Volta.
  • Q: Will sitting a battery on a concrete floor drain it?
    • A: 100 years ago, batteries were made with porous materials such as tar-lined wood boxes. Storing these batteries on concrete floors would accelerate their discharge. Modern batteries are made of polypropylene or hard rubber, eliminating this problem.

  • Are maintenance free batteries really maintenance free?
    • In hot climates like Texas and Arizona, water in the electrolyte is lost due to high under-the-hood temperatures. Periodic checks to assure the battery plates are covered are recommended. If not, the addition of distilled water will also remedy this.

  • Can a battery explode?
    • You betcha! Batteries generate explosive hydrogen gas, especially when the battery is low on water due to neglect or over charging. When handling batteries always wear gloves and protective eyewear and have immediate access to running water in case of accidental battery spills.